Oriented strand board (OSB)
OSB – Oriented Strand Board. These are made from several layers of wood strands covered with advanced technology resins and compressed in a hot press.These boards are used in the construction of frame houses, roofing (under bituminous tiles), laying a floor (under parquet, carpeting and PVC coatings), installing temporary premises, in the manufacture of furniture, interior decoration.
Physical – mechanical properties
Thickness tolerances ±0.8 mm
Width and length tolerances ±3 mm
Angle tolerance ±1.5 mm/1m
Edge straightness ±2 mm/1m
Elasticity modulus in parallel direction >6000 N/mm2
Elasticity modulus in perpendicular direction >2500 N/mm2
Stiffness in parallel direction >35 N/mm2
Stiffness in perpendicular direction >17 N/mm2
Resistance to stretch >0.75 N/mm2
Formaldehydes <8 mg/100g
Thickness swelling within 24 hours >12%