|  Laminated veneer

Plywood overlaid with a waterproof phenol film on both the sides

Thickness – 9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30 мм
Width – 1250 мм
Length – 2500 мм


Application:  constructions, shipbuilding industry, installation of ramps for roller-skates and skateboards, production and repair of transport and trailers.


Plywood application: in constructions used plywood FOF – GL2. Recommended thickness from 18 to 21mm. It can be used in concrete forming works for a repeated cycles.

Plywood FOF-Lg/S has structural face on one side, and smooth on the other side.

Plywood FOF –S1 with structural face on one side, ideally could be used in trailers, rail wagons, containers or even buses, also for repeated use in  scaffolding and staircase overlays. Its installation is fast and easy.

unnamed-1  unnamed-2

1 grade – has minimal defects

2 grade – has some minor defects