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Plywood FK

FK – glued with urea-formaldehyde adhesives (water-resistant).
Thickness from 4 to 21 mm.

Birch veneer plywood is manufactured from veneered birch wood glued in three or more plies. This plywood is used in construction works and furniture industry.
Grade I – Smooth surface, used for interior.
Grade II – with minor defects, could be used in a modern material for the purposes of construction and decoration works.
Grade III – with some defects, could be used for interior, box manufacture, hidden constructions.
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Grade IV – with more defects.

General purpose plywood is of three or more veneered plies of birth wood glued together. There are two types of general purpose plywood available:

FSF grade plywood with improved resistance to humidity for both indoor and outdoor applications;
FK grade moisture resistant plywood for indoor application.

 Plywood FSF is most popular in the construction industry due the following properties:
  • enhanced moisture resistance (can preserve its properties for a long period of time even outdoors);
  • low water solubility;
  • increased strength (the degree of strength depends on the sheet thickness and type of veneer used);
  • water resistant.

Such properties of plywood FSF can be accounted for by the use of high-quality veneer and phenol-formaldehyde resins for its production.
However plywood FSF is known by its constant emissions of formaldehyde. In view of high toxic effect of this substance, plywood FSF is not used for interior decoration and furniture production.


Thickness from 4 iki 30 mm
Length – 1250 mm
Width – 2500 mm